Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Haino/O'Rourke/Ambarchi - Imikuzushi (Part 1 of 4)

This is the first part of something resembling a review. One track per post! Don't worry, there are only four tracks.

Inner sleeve #3 - Shaking Hair
So anyway, this is a live collaboration between HAINO (in capital letters cos he's the loudest, guitar & other stuff), Jim O'Rourke (bass) and Oren Ambarchi (drums). It's a double LP so there are four long tracks. I was talking to someone at the local record shoppe about this and he was saying the previous H/O'R/A album was basically a wall of noise and didn't contain any of the Fushitsusha style free rock bombasticity (not actually a word) that is loved the worldround. I'd read that this album _was_ like an actual rock band so I went for it.

I put the needle down on side A and whaddyaknow? A wall of shit! Haino wringing a sickening torrent of bilge out of his SG while Jim moves his hands around the bass randomly arriving somewhere between a dying elephant and the worst bass flubs of all time. Oren is playing the drums like a cross between animal from the muppets and a seven year old. Haino shouts a bit. It is ferocious but i'm not feeling too optimistic about the rest of the album.

BUT THEN Jim finds a flubbing noise he likes and starts repeating it over and over and Ambarchi joins him playing an actual 4/4 rhythm. Or maybe 2/4? Then Haino starts playing some single notes and it sounds like an actual power trio! Although the record does sound like it's stuck a bit. It's like some super misanthropic desperate krautrock thing and the guitar dissolves into a cloud of static with the odd high note surfacing every so often sounding like a frightened yelp. Some more vocals from Haino.

It just occurred to me that I never have any idea what Keiji Haino is singing about. I don't even know if it's japanese actually. Could just be some made up language like the bloke from Obituary used to do.

The intensity goes up and up! O'Rourke & Ambarchi are still locked into this ridiculous stuck record rhythm thing. Haino is playing high distorted notes and alternating them with pure noise. Then it just stops! 

The editing on this record is great, it almost sounds like they all just stopped at exactly the same time after 13 minutes of totally freewheeling heaviness. But the music is far too wild for them to actually do that. I think someone just cut this excerpt off at the right time.

That's side one. Started off as if shite but quickly became genius. Who knows what the rest of the album will hold in store? I do because i've listened to it a load of times.

Part 2 coming up very soon.


aweirdmeanrat 6 May 2012 at 11:11  

very nice write-up and thanks for the heads up. is this from the same concert as their 2010 (?) release? anyway, i should get this.

btw i also read haino/ambarchi/SOMA will release an album around july.

Andy 7 May 2012 at 11:33  

Hey Maarten! According to the back cover this recording is from Jan 2011 so it's a newer one.

There's supposed to be a new Fushitsusha album coming out too but who knows how 'rock' that will be. I enjoy Haino the most when there's someone playing more rock style drums underneath him

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