Thursday, 2 September 2010

ROUND-UP. Far too much time has passed

Blink and you miss five months on this blog. Needles to say music has been so much fun I haven't wanted to stop listening & waste valuable time writing about it.

UNTIL NOWWWWWWThe Chris Corsano Band put out its first cdr a while ago! A cdr on thee Hot Cars Warp label is always welcome, possibly because there is a perfectly reasonable amount of time between releases. You can fully digest them before something else appears on the horizon. Once again Chris Corsano (with the help of his completely anonymous guitarist and bassist [and The Wizard on occasional bongo{s}]) - has unleashed a right one. Vishnu on drums is flanked by some other guys & they are so telepathically linked they might as well be Extra Arms Four Through Eight. Free rock transcendence gives way to funky (!) noise beats yields to space likembe leads to ripping Sun City Girls cover. 100% Corsano. Now his solo LP 'Another Dull Dawn' needs to be repressed so the slow folk (no post for FIVE MONTHS) can pick it up.

Eric Copeland has/had a fine 7" on PPM which might have his poppiest ever thing on the b-side. It still has the skewed samples and vocal mulch of his last 'Alien In A Garbage Dump' album but this isn't going to get on anyone's wick. It's like there's an aerobics class at the other end of your five star hotel and the sound of a veritable pop hit is wafting across the pool but your brain is too fried to make sense of it.

One of the (so far) two Moon Unit LPs for 2010 is 'New Sky Dragon' on Krayon Recordings and it is a whopper. Starts off with your usual 'uh-oh' tamboura drone type thing then proceeds to levitate so high and rain so much amazing down on you that you will be thoroughly embarrassed that you doubted them after only thirty seconds (I blame the fucking internet and BLOGS). They rocket towards the sun & directly into it so you don't have to. You'll definitely want to after you've heard this. Incredible cover art from Zeloot. Listen to em. And enjoy a bit of the set I was privileged to witness on Record Store Day!


Maarten 3 September 2010 at 08:27  

ha! i was just checking out the incubate festival artist page for moon unit when i saw your tweet at the bottom of the page. i'll try to see them although the competition is killing that evening.

i ordered that eric copeland 7" a couple of weeks ago -- lovin' that second track. oh, and the good news is, i hadn't even noticed it had been so long since your last post!

Andy 4 September 2010 at 12:46  

Hey Maarten, thanks for checking in! Don't draw attention to the huge gap between posts shhhhh

There's a new Eric Copeland album out soon, this might actually be the cover

Maya 16 June 2011 at 08:43  

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